The Inner Journey

Marcela Urban

Family Constellations are a special form of therapy which looks at issues from a perspective of a whole family system rather than a single person.

It is done in a group where people are chosen as representatives for family members or elements of a client's life, and then placed in space according to the relationship to one another. Then their movement resembles unconscious dynamic within a family. It can be understood as an action metaphor with a lot of symbolic meaning representing aspects of the family system and relationships within it. Often invisible dynamics within a family will come to light.

Usually there is some kind of trauma within a family which makes us disconnect from a painful situation. An unusual or difficult fate of a family member affects the whole system.

Sometimes a child sacrifices their best interests in an attempt to ease suffering of a parent or family member. In trans-generational trauma we feel the effects of trauma that happened in our family even if we don't know the facts or circumstances of it.

In a constellation we are bringing those unconscious dynamics into light, resulting in new insights, healing and relief for the client.

We are working towards reconnecting of disconnected relationships, including of excluded people or aspects, and let the life and love flow.  We are also honoring the fate of our ancestors and separating form their burdens we sometimes unconsciously carry.

Issues we work with in Constellations are:

  • relationship issues
  • unexplained conditions
  • chronic symptoms
  • destructive patterns of behavior
  • a feeling of "stuckness" in life
  • a feeling unfulfilled and/or unhappy about our life
  • depression
  • medical conditions

Constellations were originally developed as a work in a group but they can be facilitated in a private session, using figurines or foam mats in place of representatives.

This work is deeply healing and transformative.

Click here for a short trailer about Constellations with illness. ​

It features work of one of my teachers, Stephan Hausner.


Family Constellations