In what way is a psychological process similar to alchemical transformation?
How can we understand alchemical language and symbolism and how can it help us guide the process?
In what way may alchemy help us understand our emotional states and how can we transmute them?
What is our gold and how can we create it?
What is the meaning of metals, minerals and colors in alchemy 




This 4-week workshop will explore questions mentioned above through Systemic Constellation. We will be exploring alchemical concepts and their relationship to personal and psychological process using representatives and setting up snapshots (mini-Constellations) in a specific way. When joining the workshop, you will be able to explore aspects of your own life and life circumstances in connection to alchemical understanding of processes in a symbolic sense.
The participants will set up their own mini-Constellation every week, which will allow them to gain valuable insights and have new experiences and understanding, which will open a possibility for self-reflection, growth, and healing.



Alchemy of Everyday Life 
4-week online workshop

Price: $150

​Tuesday Morning class:

Feb. 1 - Feb. 22
Tuesdays 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Pacific Time

Wednesday Evening class:

​Feb. 2 - Feb. 23
Wednesdays 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Pacific Time

Join us on February 1 or 2

Because of a small group setting, space is limited. 
Please register here if you would like to participate. We look forward to exploring with you!

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Alchemy of Everyday Life - online workshop

​​​​"Make peace with the universe. Take joy in it. It will turn to gold. Resurrection will be now. Every moment, a new beauty."

Marcela Urban

 The SoulJourney