The SoulJourney

Marcela Urban

​​​​Rituals of Renewal- online
Resourcing, rebalancing, resilience

Friday, March 27, at 6:00 pm PT
Tuesday, March 31, at 10:00 am PT

Participation is free

 In these uncertain times we all can use some support, balancing and regulation. Connection with others in community is equally important.
This workshop is designed to help us gain support of embodiment practices and techniques to regulate the nervous system and to feel connected.

This work is based on principles of Somatic Experiencing®, Organic Intelligence®, Polyvagal theory and other trauma informed and trauma safe approaches that work with the body, support orientation in the here-and-now and are designed to increase regulation, build resources and resiliency, and support a state of well-being and ease. We will teach the nervous system to move from the high intensity states into the states of more relaxation, more connection with our surroundings, more presence and calmness. 

 We will use Constellations exercises (mini Constellations), group exercises and other techniques to gain insights, to connect with our resources and to learn how to regulate our nervous system and restore balance.

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What you can take away:

You will learn techniques to practice at home that support presence.

You will practice these techniques in class in the group of other people. This supports biological synchronization and supports healing and regulation by engaging co-regulation.

You will participate in mini Constellations either with objects found in your home or live with other participants. 

You will take part in experiential exercises that will support your nervous system’s coherence and natural rhythm that guides regulation.


Rituals of Renewal