The effects of trauma and stress can be overwhelming for our body. The results can be our inability to relax, our digestive system gets disrupted, we lose our sense of well-being and vitality. We feel burdened, burned out or disconnected. We get stuck in a chronic stress response.

Our body has a natural ability to heal. With the right tools, we can guide our nervous system back to its natural regulation and enhance its capacity for coherence.

I am trained in Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Therapy and Organic Intellingence®. Both those methods are designed to work with the effects of overwhelming stress, trauma and PTSD. They work with the nervous system, teaching the system to relax again and guiding the process of restoring its healthy functioning so we can connect with our own aliveness.

​When traumatic event occurred, our body started a self-protective response that wasn’t able to complete. It was either too much, we were too young, or it happened too fast. Traumatic responses are the way our body protects itself from overwhelming sitaution. Incomplete self-protective responses need to be completed in the body. ​

Transformation comes from accessing small pieces of the original experience and working through them so our system can integrate them and reset to the original base of rest and relaxation.

SE® and OI® works with it through accessing sensations, emotions, images, behavior, and impulses in the body connected to trauma. It is designed to work with traumatic experiences gradually so they won’t become overwhelming. 

Working in an organic way we guide the body to complete, integrate and heal what was once a tear in a fabric of our well-being.


​​​Healing Trauma

The Inner Journey

Marcela Urban

​​​​Trauma robs us of our capacity to connect with the people we love and with ourselves, and our ability to feel alive.