The SoulJourney

Marcela Urban

We can look at our personality as a system of different

sub-personalities or parts of self (Internal Family Systems Model). These parts seem to have their own needs, beliefs, feelings, motivations, impulses, and desires. They might be hurt, traumatized, shamed, forgotten, feel angry or unloved and develop survival strategies how to deal with life. Behind these strategies there is usually some kind of trauma or pain that often originated early in life when we didn't get our needs met or were harmed or overwhelmed. Very often these parts of us unconsciously control our lives as deeply ingrained behaviour patterns.

Often we might try to get rid of these parts of ourselves or dislike them or find other ways to exclude them. This causes fragmentation and splitting. Often by blocking the pain these parts might carry, we block our connection to our own life energy. We become disconnected from ourselves and from life.

I work with parts in Constellationswith groups and in private sessions. In groups, we chose people from the group to represent parts or aspects of a client's life. This results in many interesting insights for the client and a possibility for a change. In individual sessions we use sand tray and figurines, color mats or other objects to represent parts. Our aim is to bring awareness to these parts and instead of letting them unconsciously dominate our lives, to give them expression, understand their needs, care for them, regulate them, and integrate them. As we integrate parts of ourselves, we become whole.​

Constellations with parts of self