Marcela Urban

1.  My work is somatically based which means I include a body in the healing process. Our bodies carry our emotional wounds and also the truth of who we are. Body has its own natural wisdom to heal and with a right guidance we can integrate and “digest” our painful experiences. I follow principles of somatic trauma therapy of how to effectively work with the body and nervous system.

2.  While working with individual clients or groups I place the utmost importance on creating a container of safety and trust. This is the only way we can enter difficult situations together and work through deep and vulnerable issues.

3.  I include Imagination and Expressive Arts in a healing process as a tool for clients to enter their experiences in a gentle and manageable way. It creates a way to be present with them and to build a bridge to what was disconnected in their lives.

4.  All of the methods I use work with the subjective experience of the client as it presents itself in the "here and now."

5.  My work is based on a systemic approach. Our family is a system. Similarly a single client is a complex system that has its own intelligence of self-organizing and integrating.

6.  To deal with life’s challenges we need resources. My aim is to find and bring forward the resources clients have in their lives, or to help them create new ones so they can build more resilience and strength.​

7.  I work in the client’s interest and for his or her well-being. My goal is to help clients find a more empowered place from where they can make their own choices, find their own answers and follow their own path. There is a wisdom in every one of us that can lead us on our journey. Our work together aims at finding a way to connect with this innate wisdom.


Principles of my work

 The SoulJourney