The SoulJourney

Marcela Urban

​​​​​​​​Family Constellations workshops - online


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Family Constellations online

Romantic Relationships


 Thursday, April 21, 6:30pm - 9:30pm PT



Participation: free or donation

You are welcome to attend for free or to send a donation of your choice to:
 Zelle, Venmo or PayPal:
(Suggested donation to participate is $15-$25. If you are receiving a full Constellation, please consider contributing $80-$120. If you are in a challenging financial situation, any amount is welcome.)



This is an online workshop. If you plan to attend, please ensure that you are in an appropriate environment without background noise and other distractions and have a strong internet connection. Due to the sensitive nature of this work, please ensure visual and audio privacy from others in space and avoid excessive movement (unless movement is part of representing in a Constellation.) Please make sure you are video enabled. Participating while driving is not permitted.

In these uncertain times we all can use some support, balancing and regulation. Connection with others in community is equally important. 

Join us for a profound experience of healing Constellations. Find out what prevents you from fully stepping into your own life. Feel and express gratitude for the gifts you received. By honoring our heritage and our unique history we can make peace with the past and free ourselves from the burdens we unconsciously carry. This will allow us to connect with our ancestors and ultimately with the source of life we have received through them. This act is both liberating and empowering.

Everybody’s story is unique, yet the issues we work with are basic human situations that touch us all. Participating in a Constellation helps cultivate presence and embodiment, deepens inner knowing and gives us an opportunity to feel deeply connected to others and to our own humanness. This work brings us into contact with the depth of our soul, creates respect for human condition and the sacredness of life.

We will work with the theme of the week and with personal issues based on requests from participants using Systemic and Family Constellations.
We will also use Constellations exercises, group exercises and various techniques to gain insight, connect with our resources, regulate our nervous system and restore balance. 

Participants and observers alike feel touched and moved by witnessing or being part of a Constellation. This work has been described as life changing.


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​“I have worked with Marcela and attended her workshops for over 2 years and have found a place for healing, self- development and beautiful community.

Every time I join online or in person, it feels a little more like coming home to myself as I find the time and space here to address current or past issues in my life.
Somehow topics are always relatable and hit the nail right on the head :) 
Working in a group together under Marcela’s loving guidance (e.g. in the Family Constellations Workshop) there is always magic happening as we help each other shift perspectives and create a healing ground for outdated patterns, beliefs, habits and old wounds.

When I leave, I always feel energized, inspired and a bit more like myself again.
I am especially grateful to  Marcela for holding weekly online Workshops during the Pandemic, which helped me feel connected and process my anxiety and the uncertainties of the moment.

Marcela’s guidance is so supportive, compassionate and gentle and I always learn something new about myself in the process~ be it through my own reflections or through witnessing others.

I find any of her Workshops highly transformative and consider them not only evolutionary for myself, but necessary for anyone who wants to create a better world for future generations, feel lighter and happier and live a more peaceful and meaningful life.”


Frauke H.


Marcela has facilitated several constellations for me.  I feel a positive energy shift right after each constellation.  My heart is more opened and I feel more at peace.  The constellation continues to unfold afterward.  I can see and feel that my life is shifting more and more to the experience I desire.
Marcela is very gentle and caring.  Her style is elegant yet powerful.  She holds space for all participants very lovingly.   It is a delight to witness her flowing with the energy of the Field and gracefully getting to the core of the entanglements.
I have referred many of my friends and family members to Marcela's constellation circle.  They all love her work.  I am so grateful to have found her.  
Marcela, thank you so much for sharing your gifts and light with us!


Mei Ling Y., California, USA