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Marcela Urban

Past workshops:


I was fortunate enough to participate in many of Marcela's Urban workshops. All her workshops are of a high standard and many insights are always gained.  However, one series, in particular, proved life-changing rather than issue changing. It was the alchemy workshop.  I attended it not knowing what to expect or how this topic was even relevant to me. The title seemed to have little resonance to my personal life.

I had taken part in many somatic experiencing sessions, IoPT and family constellation workshops. Despite experiencing tonnes of improvements, things would go from bad to worst; one healed systemic pattern would immediately be replaced by another heavier problem. Six years down into extensive healing journey, despite what felt like "healing my own ancestral hell",  I was still feeling unwell and I began to lose hope. In fact, it got so bad, that I gave up. I was sick. I was born into hell and I was living in hell. Nothing I could do, would change that.

Well, unexpectedly, Marcela did change that. Somehow the work of the alchemy workshop achieved what I consider a miracle. We worked through the precisely developed chemical process that were applied to our lives in a very small and safe group. I believe this is what made this workshop so special and allowed us to remain fully focused, minimizing personal distractions to the minimum.  The work was very deep, slow and profound and the experiences gained simply indescribable.  Today, first time ever in my whole lifetime, I can say that I am feeling well. I feel no longer stuck or attacked by the heavy and sickly energies that were making me unwell ever since I remember. 

In my opinion, the standard of Marcela's Urban work is one of the highest I had ever seen and it could only be compared to the standards in the Bert's Hellinger school, and it's teachers Wolfgang Deuber and Gerhard Walper.  Marcella is incredibly skilled and observant, safe and accommodating and I highly recommend working with her.

Aga Kim Galena

​​If you feel you need to resolve something in your life, start a new chapter, attend to what really matters, cultivate more presence, be more connected with the world, with others and with yourself, find support and liberate yourself from the patterns that hold you back, I am offering my services to guide your process. 

I work with Systemic and Family Constellations as developed by Bert Hellinger, in combination with somatic methods of trauma healing that support presence, embodiment and mind-body-soul connection. This  experiential method touches the body and the soul in a deep way and supports healing on many levels. 

I use my knowledge, skills and experience to create a unique, client-oriented approach that is tailored to the needs of every individual person and their situation. In tune with principles of Family Constellations, we honor where we come from and what supports us, bringing forward resources the client has and creating new ones. We also search for the unique call of their soul to actualize itself, finding and understanding obstacles to this process and balancing forces that operate in their lives. The process often results in physical and emotional shifts, empowerment, more aliveness, balance and ease; and often resolves long standing issues.

Following are examples of issues this work can address:


Inter-generational issues

Trauma and trauma-related conditions

Feeling stuck
Abandonment and attachment ruptures
Feeling lost, isolated or unsupported
Stress-related conditions and states
and more

To reserve a session or for more information, please contact me at:

Ongoing weekly drop-in circle (Thursdays, 6:30 pm PT):

Our life is a journey. 

This journey is often leading us to new depths and new insights, new worldview and a new sense of self. We long for something different when we are unhappy or unfulfilled, or we need to resolve something.

It may be a call to find ourselves and follow our unique destiny. On our journey we might encounter obstacles that need to be attended to, or we may come to a crossroads. We might have to make a decision and choose the path less traveled.

4-week workshop starting July 5 and 6 (registration required):

My guide and I came on that hidden road to make our way back into the bright world; and with no care for any rest, we climbed - he first, I following - until I saw, through a round opening, some of those things of beauty Heaven bears. It was from there that we emerged, to see-once more-the stars.


Current workshops:


"...working with Marcela is like landing in the arms of an angel. loving, safe, tender.

a place to hold rising 'whatever'...together...and leave, feeling the echoes of something wild and free very close by."


"I came across of Marcela's group when I experienced a very dark period of my life.  For almost 5 years, my life crumbled; from career, relationship to finance. I was in deep despair and disappointment.   In a period of three months, I had a few of my constellations done, attended her month-long Belonging and Becoming workshop, and participated in other group members' Constellations.  
I am totally amazed with my own transformation.  I feel that I have let go of a lifelong of heaviness that really doesn't belong to me. I feel more hopeful and lighter.  Beautiful and exciting opportunities start to show up in my life miraculously. 
I am very grateful to Marcela and her group for holding the space for me.  Thank you for being so kind and sincere. I would recommend her wholeheartedly."

Michelle Yiu- Real Estate Broker