The Inner Journey

Marcela Urban

My work is a unique combination of methods both scientific and holistic. I am bringing together my training in Somatic Experiencing® trauma resolution with the experiential healing methods of Family Constellations, Internal Family Systems, embodiment practices and Expressive Arts, as well as symbolism of mythology, mystical philosophy, ancient traditions and indigenous wisdom.

Our life is a journey.

We set upon an Inner Journey when we are unhappy or unfulfilled, or we need to resolve something. Sometimes we do it to follow an inner calling, to find ourselves or to feel connected to something bigger than us.

Our inner journey is often leading us to new depths and new insights, new worldview and a new sense of self.

We may be on this journey out of crisis or out of longing. 

On our Inner journey we might encounter past hurts that need to be attended to, or we might come to a crossroads. We might have to make a decision. We may decide to be true to who we are. 

Throughout our lives we become wounded. Our wounding often becomes a barrier to our life force, to connection with others and with ourselves. We can reestablish this connection and heal the old wounds, so we can feel the true essence of who we really are and experience connection with others.​

It's not the length of Life, but the depth ...

Ralph Waldo Emerson